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Changes and developments in the field of education

The future of any society is defined by the learning it provides to its children. These children are the ones who ensure to continue the social and economic progress of a country. The learning and methods of disseminating knowledge has been evolving continuously for better learning and behavioral outcomes.

When it comes to education in countries like India, the evolution in last few years has been certain and swift. Technology has contributed variously to supplement the human effort to improve the reach and the content. The advent of smartphones and low-cost data have accelerated this development and has started democratizing the learning.

There are 3 important developments in the field of education –

  1. Improvement in reach – The biggest change that has been effected in the field of education is the universal reach. Students located in the remotest of the places can now be accessed and educated with the help of technology. There have been efforts by various governments to ensure every child is educated and technology is supplementing the governmental efforts effectively. This has resulted in improved literacy rate in the country irrespective of gender, caste and geographical location.
  2. Innovation in curriculum – For many years the school level curriculum was only introducing students to the concepts and was not connected to the world around. Of late, there have been conscious efforts to include various mediums in curriculum. The emphasis is on presenting concepts to children in a way, which are easy to understand. Connecting these to various phenomena that children experience regularly has improved their understanding. Use of videos to explain complex processes and including toy models, puppets and folk songs have helped students grasp the lectures much better. Teacher training has played an important role in ensuring that these innovations are executed well in the classrooms, thereby positively influencing both the behaviour and learning.
  3. Focus on skills – For far too long, the education in India was focused on rote learning. There was an emphasis on learning languages and basic concepts of STEM subjects. Unfortunately, this learning was not preparing learners to enter a profession. The students were required to join a professional course post their schooling to learn about specific professions and start earning. With changes initiated in schools where extra effort is made to address the above issue is one of the most impactful change felt over last few years.

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation is contributing to these developments in the educational world. It is using innovative ways to reach students. The focus on career guidance and courses like computer basics, spoken English are creating a confident and self-sufficient student.