Director’s Desk

Ms. Richa Misra, Director of Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd (REPL) leads the CSR initiatives of the company through Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF) of which she is the promoter and Director.

PREF is a dynamic and impactful organisation making a positive difference by developing the capacities of students our future workforce, through various programmes so that they are able to make their contribution in the development of the nation.

PREF acts as a guide and ‘path pradarshak’ to financially weak and meritorious students where effort is made to provide opportunities which otherwise is not easily available to them and which helps to nurture   and develop their abilities thereby leading to all round development of their personalities.  Providing financial help is only one of purpose of our programme but preparing them for future is equally important.

Mentoring and nurturing is very important for students and forms an important part of the programme which helps them to keep their focus and motivate them in the direction of their goals thus reaching their potential.  Programmes like introduction to basic computers, spoken English, personality development, tutorials etc. provides a platform of opportunities to the students. These programmes prepare the students for future when they leave the secure environment of home for further studies and career.

Information and knowledge improves the quality of decision making while also making the person open to the possibility of tapping new opportunities. This acts as a catalyst for young people in becoming self-reliant and to improve and utilize their skill to optimal level.