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Importance of proficiency of spoken English in education

English has rightly been described as “Language of opportunity”. Learning English has become necessary for students and the number of English learners increase rapidly every year. But why proficiency in spoken English is Important in Education. We will look here at some reasons why good English speaking skills give a student an advantage:

  1. English is one of the most widely spoken Languages throughout the world. People from different countries communicate with each other using English. 60 countries have English as their official language, and it is adopted as a second language in many more countries. In total around 2 billion people speak English Worldwide.
  2. With increased computer use and globalization the demand for English has increased. On the Internet, most of the content is in English. Even sites written in other languages often have an option to translate in English. The internet provides vast knowledge about various subjects which are mostly in English. Knowing English would mean that one can have access to this vast treasure of knowledge and get access to study online using free resources and softwares. A basic understanding of English within schooling will improve how a person interacts and benefits from such tools.The current pandemic brought this in focus.
  3. Knowing English well will open more opportunities for a person and make one bilingual and more employable in most of the countries in the world. A number of jobs can’t be done without good English-speaking skills. Most of the companies now do business across geographies and it becomes essential for people to embrace the language to compete in the job market. Knowing the language opens up opportunities within multinational companies.
  4. English is, undoubtedly, the language of science and business. The pre-eminence of English language in international academic publications, has increased. A greater number of  scientific journals,  including those  formerly  in  other languages,  have  shifted  to English.  If one wants to excel in Science and in business, one has to know English well. While knowing English can help a person access advanced literature on various topics, good English-speaking skills ensure that he can express and share his thoughts with others effectively. Not being able to share one’s ideas in the area of science and math despite good subject knowledge, could be a constraint, as most of the STEM symposiums are conducted in English, even in countries like India, where this is not a primary language.
  5. English is important for interacting with others. We are social and have a need to meet and relate with others. Company conferences and social get togethers play an important role in shaping the social life of an individual. English is the common language in such forums as people from all over the world are participating in these events.

There is no doubt that a good understanding of the language is important. Proficiency in spoken English makes sure that the communication is complete and is understood by intended people rightly. Pradeep Richa Educare foundation is an NGO working in the field of education in UP. Their programs, which ensure that students from financially weak background learn to speak English confidently, have made positive changes to lives of many children and helped them get to better colleges or get jobs.