Mentoring Session

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF), in its continuous endeavor towards ‘education & self- reliance for under privileged youth’, has been organizing ‘Mentoring Session’ through webinar for class 11 regularly on monthly basis.

Objectives: As quality mentoring has powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations these sessions aim at nurturing and guiding the selected students so that they reach their actual potential and enter a successful professional life.

  • These sessions begin with ‘Psychometric & Interest Test’ for selected students of class 11 for assessing their preference & aptitude.
  • This helps the mentors with understanding, the professions that they are best suited for and to help them in understanding the career options available to them.
  • Students are encouraged for using time effectively. They are guided on techniques and practices that have been useful for others but not as the only way. Rather, they are encouraged to find their own way and guided to devise a plan that keeps them on it.
  • They are helped to recognise their own short term and long term goal as PREF wants them to succeed, and create opportunities for them to demonstrate their competencies.
  • Mentors act as career counsellors, helping students to brainstorm career possibilities, define individualised career goals and establish action plans to reach professional goals.
  • Effort is made to help students to improve their communication skill, and provide them information with the changes taking place in the field of education, information technology and career.
  • Provide opportunities for improving individual decision-making & time management skills.
  • Positive activities through assignments & planned learning experiences are encouraged.

These mentors work with students to promote a respectful and enjoyable session’s environment.

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