05 Nov
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PREF – A Non-Profit NGO for Education

Education is necessary for development as it not only enables people to understand the world better but opens the door to opportunity in various aspects of life. Therefore, every human being should be given right to get the best education possible irrespective of their location, economic class and religion/ caste which unfortunately, is often not a reality for many underprivileged social groups.

In developing countries like India, this has been a major reason for continued lower growth. Education as a priority falls by wayside as people groups struggle to arrange for food, housing and basic health-care. At times, the challenge of reaching out to remote locations is a constraint that forces a large number of children in the basic education age-group to fall off the formal educational setup. Changing and enabling the social infrastructure is a huge task requiring investment, manpower and a will to achieve 100% literacy.

Another reason affecting adversely is in these areas is the lack of institutions reaching out with initiatives which help in wholesome development of a student. Also remotely located schools often struggle with insufficient infrastructure. The parents, who are themselves not literate don’t question the steps taken by various agencies and the implementing agencies use this to act more in letter than in spirit. This contributes negatively to the educational outcomes.

However there are many non profit NGOs who are working effectively to reach out to many. These NGOs, some funded by CSR programs of large corporates, work at grassroot level and have connected with underprivileged children in remote areas and have funded programs to reach educational tools at their doorstep.

One such NGO Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF) that is focusing on education to underprivileged students through their various activities and initiatives and work as a catalyst to bring sustainable change in the lives of the children through all round development and good education thus helping them to be at par with more privileged.