PREF organises workshop on ‘Personality Development & Life Skills’ for selected students at Allahabad. Life skills are skills that are necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life. It is a tool that helps one realize his/her capabilities and strengths.

The workshop involves the process of participatory learning using the basic components like:

  1. Practical activities
  2. Feedback and reflections
  3. Practical application to day to day life challenges

The aim of the workshop is to help student work and collaborate with others towards common goals be it in life or in career.

The methodology used in the workshop is mix of various activities, interaction and brainstorming. Given below are a few examples of some of the activities undertaken during workshop:

  • Expression and career aspiration by medium of colourful diagrams to encourage students to share their dreams with friends and mentors.
  • Activity using easily available items to encourage students for open communication, analytics skills, creativity skills, planning and thinking.
  • Activity where students are helped and supported by each other to understand the importance of team work ,time management, open communication and problem solving.

Effective acquisition and application of Life Skills can influence the way one feels about others and ourselves and is essential for the holistic development of students. These are well thought-out workshop of motivating the students to discover themselves.