PREF organises workshops on ‘Personality Development & Life Skills’ for students of class 11 at Allahabad with the aim to help them to understand what drives them and interests them and to use this  information to self-motivate and focus on their goals. Life skills are important for full participation in everyday life. It is a tool that helps one realize his/her capabilities and strengths.

The topics covers areas like time management, understanding of one’s own personality, team building, interpersonal relationship, communication, stress management  etc. to  give students on the threshold of new educational and career experience, a strong foundation of life skills they can rely on to excel for the next few decades.

These activity-based workshops involve the process of participatory learning, interaction, brainstorming, Feedback and reflections.

Activities undertaken during workshop use easily available items and students are encouraged to collaborate with others. Fun activities using diagrams, colours, games, role play, group discussions and motivational talks by mentors and other practical activities are undertaken.

A fresh voice and a fresh perspective through these workshops help the students with development of confidence, self-awareness, gain  valuable new skills and to capitalize on their strengths and gear up to the necessary action that will see them through the coming years thereby helping to  achieve  life goals more quickly and easily.

Effective acquisition and application of Life Skills can influence the way one feels about others and themselves and is essential for the holistic development of students. These are well thought-out workshops of motivating the students to discover themselves and their potential and competence.