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PREF – A Beacon of Hope

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF) is a non-profit organisation engaged in social work related to education. Their work in reaching out to financially weak but meritorious children and taking them up the ladder of learning is highly edifying. The organisation is based in Delhi with a branch office in Allahabad and reaches out to under-served areas there. The organisation considers education as an investment in future of a society that plays a key role in progress. Therefore, it works on a philosophy that there is nothing more important for the future of a nation than education.

Education means freedom and empowerment for our future generations; the chance to fulfil their potential and make their voices heard in the world. A higher literacy rate has shown a clear co-relation with lower disease impact, lower crime rates and higher income. The directors of PREF are driven by their desire to contribute to society and their work in the area of education has attempted to achieve precisely the same.

There are a few things which PREF has been doing for a few years and these are listed below-

1. Principal/ Teacher workshops – The organisation has been running regular workshops focused on school leadership. The idea is to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be able to disseminate learning to students in a way that builds leadership at the school level. These workshops also help to create a collaborative platform where school leaders interact and go back with plans to bring changes to their institutions.
2. Tutorial classes – Regular tutorial classes are run for the students of class 11-12 on all required subjects. The effort is to help students master complex concepts and get ready for higher learning. This year as the physical classes could not be held, the organisation has provided the students with pre-loaded tabs to help continue the education. This futuristic development in the tough Covid-19 times has been hugely appreciated by enrolled students and their parents.
3. PD and Lifeskills workshops – PREF organisms personality development and Life skill workshops for students regularly, for students of class 11 and 12. This is sure to create confident children equipped with the skills to understand and use their capabilities. The results of these are visible in the children, who attended these workshops in the past and are now pursuing professional courses in some of the top institutes of India, despite coming from a humble background.
4. Computer training – Computer literacy today is an essential skill for any youngster, however in the areas PREF operates, not many have access to computers. PREF therefore, organizes regular programs to teach basic skills in computers to these students. Access to computers and basic IT skills open new vistas for learning and broadens their horizon.
5. Career counseling and mentoring session – PREF has been organising regular mentoring sessions to help students of class 11 and 12 to find their area of interest and usher them to a bright future. In this effort, regular lectures are delivered by experts from different industries to help students understand the challenges and rewards offered by various professions.

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation has been silently contributing to the process of nation-building by creating an ecosystem that thrives on the empowerment of future generations. There are numerous other activities the organisation engages in beyond the ones listed here.