Principals and Teachers Training workshops are conducted by Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation in Prayagraj. The participants are the school leaders and teachers from the schools where the PREF selected scholars study.

The basic aim & objective of the workshop is to enhance leadership capability at school level for institution building to deliver quality education. The idea is to connect the various stakeholders who play an important role in the development of students so that they come on a single platform and work in collaboration to guide and help the students.

School is a platform where even the academically weaker students are being provided assistance using the existing resources to perform and where the academically good students are motivated to try to move on to the next level of learning.

School principals and Teachers helps students by introducing them to new changing world of education and keep them updated on it. The workshop aims to create new outlook towards their daily education practises.

The importance of strong communications of schools with parents is emphasised so that parents and families can encourage, motivate and reinforce children’s learning at school.

The school puts a long-term effort in helping the student develop. If we go forward and imagine what the school wants the student to be when he or she leaves the school then we can redesign and reimagine the work involved.

These workshops are good formats for exposing teachers to new information, new colleagues and allows participants to interact with content in applied and challenging ways.

The workshop focuses on various topics like communication, how to motivate & encourage, keeping abreast of changes, parent school partnership, empowering students etc.

These are lively, reflective and interactive workshop which engages participants to share their experience, generate ideas and evaluate solutions. The workshop acts as a platform where school Principals and teachers from various schools connect with each other & share ideas and asks for suggestions as well.

The interactive activities also give the participants some creative freedom. They not only need to communicate those creative ideas to one another, but also engage in joint decision-making for the activity to be a success which leads the participants in coming together, using their complementary skills and communication to realize a shared vision.

Through various activities the participants recognise and stress the need for the fact that these days changes are needed in the schools and therefore these workshops are actively seeking out new ways of doing things and staying in touch with the changing world of education and careers.

The Participants express their views about the amount of learning they go back with and promise to share their experiences.