Principal and Teachers Training workshop was conducted by Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation in Allahabad. The ‘Leadership Workshop’ was conducted at hotel Clarks Inn Ajay International in Allahabad on 26th May’2018 in which school leaders of 14 Schools of UP Board participated.

Objectives of Workshop

To Develop New Generation Leaders to Transform Schools so that every Child Learns and every School Excels and Enhance Leadership Capability at School Level for Institution Building to Deliver Quality Education

The idea was to connect the various stakeholders who play an important role in the development of students so that they come on a single platform and work in collaboration to guide and help the students

The workshop focussed on three aspects of leadership:

  • Empower
  • Inspire
  • Lead change

It was a a lively reflective and interactive workshop where the participants shared their experience and came up with ideas to empower and inspire the students. The workshop acted as a platform where school Principals and teachers from various schools connected with each other shared ideas asked for suggestions as well.

It was agreed by all the participants that the students can be empowered and inspired by them by providing opportunities   through which students can perform and excel and which helps in all round development of the students’ personality. School is a platform where even the academically weaker students should be helped using the existing resources to perform and where the academically good students are motivated to try to move to the next level of learning.

Through various activities the participants recognised and stressed the need for the fact that bringing school into the 21st century requires taking the lead instead of trailing behind, actively seeking out new ways of doing things and staying in touch with the changing world of education and careers.

The Participants expressed their views about the amount of learning they were going back with and promised to share their experiences while putting the things they had learnt into action.

The goal of this workshop was to make them realise  the usefulness and importance of the three components and the need to change  so that students can have a better overall school experience creating a climate hospitable to education.