Programme Over View

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF) has been founded with the motive of making a contribution to the development of human resource in our country. The aim of the organisation is to guide the students and insure their development as an essential asset to the nation in future. Keeping this in mind certain programme were initiated in the field of education and skill development for the youth of Prayagraj District. Prayagraj District is the focus area of work of PREF.

Few programs initiated by PREF are:

  • PREF Merit Scholarship for financially weak but meritorious students of class 11th and 12th in and around Prayagraj.
  • PN Misra Merit Scholarship and Gyanwati Misra Merit Scholarship have been instituted for meritorious male and female students of class 9th to class 12th of MP Intercollege in Bampur village in Prayagraj District.
  • PN Misra Post-Graduation Merit Scholarship for MA and MSc student of mathematics in the University of Allahabad. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit to the topmost performer of the classes of MA and MSc maths with the hope that candidates with the help of this support will grow and contribute to the elevation of research and development in the country.
  • For our selected Scholars we organise video based online classes like aptitude test, internal assessment test with teachers review session, career counselling workshops, personality development workshops, computer course with certificate, mentoring session through webinar to help them to reach their potential.
  • To enable students to avail the benefits provided through the programmes the ‘PREF APP’ has been launched.
  • All selected students have been provided with free of cost tablets so that they can connect to all programmes through the tablet and PREF APP.