“PD & Life skills workshop was useful for me. I learnt the techniques to improve my own personality from this session.” – Mahfooz Alam

“PD & Life skills workshop was helpful and interesting for me.I learnt Personality Traits – Meaning and Different Types of Traits from this session”.     – Prashant Pandey

Mentoring session fulfil our career needs. This helps me to clear my doubts and motivated me.” – Shreya Mishra

“PD & Life skills workshop was interesting and I enjoyed the concentration activity.” – Anand Shukla

“PD & Life skills workshop was useful & effective for me. I learnt the tools of team work, time management, how to increase my confidence level and how to develop a positive attitude in life.” – Shubham Singh

“PD & Life skills workshop was helpful for me.” – Pawan Kumar

“English Grammar session was very useful for me and I learnt a lot from this tutorial session. In the end, I would like to thank the PREF team for their continuous support. I wish PREF organizes more programmes like this session.”– Vikas Singh

“I am satisfied with tutorial Class on English grammar.” I found the session was useful and I learnt new words, which I can use in my daily life. The teaching method was quite impressive” – Shivam Shukla

 “PD & Life skills workshop was worthy for me. I learnt the tools of team work and time management skills very well. I enjoyed the bridge making activity. Thanks to PREF for this workshop” – Trishant Dwivedi

“First of all, I enjoyed the group activity-bridge making game. It was the most fun-filled part of this PD & Life Skills workshop. Resource Persons were very friendly. I learnt a lot about time management, leadership skill & group work.” – Shachi Pandey

“Mentoring session has powerful positive effects on me in different phases of my life i.e. personal & academic. This session has provided me different information regarding my career. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the PREF Merit Scholarship.”- Anchal Gupta

“According to me mentoring session fulfil our career needs. This helps me to clear my doubts and motivated me .I enjoyed the question-answers session and group discussion. Mentoring session is the most enthusiastic program among all under scholarship project.” – Madhvi Pandey

“I found the workshop is interesting, inspiring and useful. We learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot” – Vaishali Mishra.

“The workshop made me aware of creating balance between our thoughts and words to express ourselves, to improve pronunciation and to connect with others. It was an interesting activity helpful for the future”- Abhishek Pandey.

“We learn the skills how can we Cope-Up with our difficulties or stress”             – Vishal Gupta.

“I am grateful to PREF to give me a chance to learn many good things through this counselling session” – Priya Pandey

“This workshop helps us to increase our self-confidence” – Shubhi Verma.

“Interpersonal skill development session is excellent and it helps us to achieve our goal successfully” – Ishika Singh.