TOT Sessions

PREF organized TOT sessions on ‘Mobilization & Communication ‘with AROH Foundation, Noida for employees dated on 14th May & 15th may, 2015.

What is TOT?

Theoretical or practical training for teachers and trainers.

Training Aims: The training activities of the project have been designed and developed to meet the following aims:

  • To build community capacities at village level with a view to promoting participatory and self-reliant actions of the people in order for them to manage their own village resources more rationally and sustainably.
  • To accelerate the process of empowerment of the weaker sections of village communities, particularly the women, youth through on-the-job skills training meant to generate self-employment opportunities.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Distinguish between education, training and learning.
  2. Apply the concept of Learning Unit to training activities.
  3. Plan, prepare, implement and practise the following training methods:
  • Coaching
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Group Exercise.
Role Play during session

Training/Learning Methodology:

  • Discussion
  • Small group work
  • Training needs assessment

Assessment: The priority during the course is to help participants to develop their instructional skills.

TOT on Mobilization: Community mobilization is an attempt to bring both human and non-human resources together to undertake developmental activities in order to achieve sustainable development.

TOT on Field Visit: Participants were visited a remedial school run by Aroh Foundation & spent some time with children. Students of Remedy school performed recitation ,sang some songs & also performed in front of the PREF members .The PREF members also learnt about the different vocational courses in the school like cutting & tailoring & beauty culture & then went on to visit the community .

TOT on Tele-Communication: The process in telephone counselling is a bit different and you may have to take more control of the process than face to face counselling. This is because often callers don’t feel constraint by time and can become comfortable and just want to chat rather than to focus on their thoughts. Also telephone counsellors generally only have a single interaction and there may be no possibility of ongoing work which is more often occurs in case to face counselling.

Specific phone counselling skills:

  1. Personal preparation
  2. Note taking and staying focused
  3. Micro skills- minimal encourages
  4. Use of silence and listening to tears
  5. Terminating a call


  1. Nuisance calls
  2. Regular callers
  3. Crisis calls

Remedial School at Devli, Khanpur

During Survey by ‘PREFIANS’

Discussion is going on