Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF) organises ‘Tutorial Session’ for scholars of classes 11 & 12 in Allahabad to help them to gain a deep understanding of the subject matter in their discipline.  

  • Tutorial for any given topic in various subjects are held after the same has been taught in school. The topics and areas are identified by the students themselves so that more in-depth instruction is made available to them. 
  • It’s is an important teaching-learning tool. It helps our scholars to Improves academic performance, study habits, competency in the subject and increases subject-specific knowledge.
  • Tutorials provide personalized and direct feedback: With one-on-one attention, our beneficiaries are able to receive detailed feedback about his or her work, including strengths and weaknesses. This helps identify where they can continue to improve and build academic skills.
  • As the topics to be taken up during tutorials are as per the students’ choice, they find it motivating and interesting and as such it enhances their learning experience.
  • As it is customized to each student’s need, the programs helps to ensure student is learning effectively in a way that works for him or her.

These sessions are running successfully from last few years and help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. 

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